Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much do you charge for shipping?
    We offer free shipping for any order above $200.00.  Under $200 we offer a flat shipping fee of $9.95.  Expedited shipping is available upon request.  Please check our Shipping Policy page for details.

  • Why does my DTF T-Shirt get wringles after wash?
    Many factors affect the result of your transfer, including quality of the DTF transfer, heat and pressure setting during production, and quality of the fabric.  One possible reason is uneven pressure.  Please follow our Heat Press Instruction for our Hot Peel DTF transfers.

  • I have a Resale License.  How do I get tax exemption on my order?
    Please contact us with your Resale License information.  We will upgrade your account to a bussiness reseller account and obtain tax exemption on your orders.